I don’t want to hava tatoo, yet I accompanied a friend of mine to an exhibition about them, in the famous Paris Branly museum.

« You ave to be with people that learn you how to accept the difference » Homemade

More and more people decide to have a tatoo, this one of the reasons why the Branly museum threw the exhibition about their origins. US, Japan, Europe,.. and mostly Asia.

IMG_9136 IMG_9129

What I learned

I had never seen a needle or a tatoo machine, and this exhibition starts with the first tools that were used. Through the visit, you can discover various ages of the tatoo depending on the area. At the end, there is a selection of the last tatoo trends.

 » Ignoring is a very bad default ». Homemade

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This was my reaction when I learned that tatoo can be good for your health and was used in medicine during the Antiquity. Therfore, masochism already existed.

Or my reaction when I saw a tatoo so beautiful I couldn’t believe it had been drawn my a man’s hand.

IMG_9110 IMG_9096

The best

A selection of the most beautiful tatoos will impress you at the end of the exhibition.