In Paris, the Maison du chou (« house of the puff ») opoened. I decided to try it, to confirm that it has the right to pretend it is the best place where you can buy puffs in Paris.

La maison du chou

Le concept

IMG_8989You can have nature taste, chocolate, caramel, praline, and the taste of the month.

« – 3 puffs – 5€

– 6 puffs – 10€

– 12 puffs – 18€ »

I chose chocolate and caramel…mmh..

Good experience

The garnish is put into the puff in front of me, and I am so hurried to taste it !
la maison du chou

You can see where the puffs are prepared.

The puffs are really tasty and I don’t regret having bougt some. It is delicious ! yummy

La maison du chou

Chou Chocolat

The caramel one was so good I forgot to take a picture (oupsy)